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Influence music atmosphere wherever you are
(restaurant, pub, café, fitness …)

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Slovak award winning Start-up

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Turn on Bluetooth and influence music atmosphere where you are

Music Algorithm

First autonomous DJ generating playlist for everyone

Interactive playlist

Playlist dynamically adjusted according to your music preference and unique algorithm

Bluetooth ON!

Turn on Bluetooth and get unique, authentic and to your preference customized playlist

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Songoroo app has been awarded 2nd place in category Smartphone app in national app award – APPS RULEZZ 2016. Category winner was mobile application of one of the biggest Slovak Bank – Tatrabanka

Songoroo app won also 3rd place in category Non-branded app. The winner in this category was mobile app HOPIN TAXI (No.1 Slovak app for taxi ordering)

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Songoroo revolution

Are you in a pub or restaurant, listening to interesting music and you do not know what it is? Install Songoroo app and find out

  • 1
    Download Songoroo app

    Download app, register and fill in your music profile

  • 2
    Visit venue where Songoroo is available

    Songoroo app will tell you which venues have Songoroo installed and running. Visit one of them and discover what Songoroo offers. Just by coming in, you can influence music played in a venue

  • 3
    Show to others what your music taste is

    Be active, rate queued and played songs in the playlist


Users about Songoroo


Application Is Free


Where can I find Songoroo?

Open your Songoroo application. It will show you a list of venues having Songoroo installed, being listed from the closest to the location where you are at the moment. You can also propose via app to have Songoroo installed in your favorite venue, we will contact the venue owner.

Should I have Songoroo app running to influence music in venue where I am located?

Songoroo is able to detect your presence and play your favorite music without any need for you to open the app. Having Bluetooth on is only what you need, algorithm will do the rest for you.

How Songoroo knows what music I prefer?

Filling in your music profile in Songoroo app, rating songs and artists is what allows us to understand your music preferences.

Is it possible to search for specific song and play it in a venue?

Songoroo in not a jukebox. Songoroo plays music based on preferences of all Songoroo users being physically located in a venue at a moment, considering also venue category. However, your preferred music will be reflected in the venue’s playlist.

Download Songoroo Free

Available for platforms iOS and Android

Songoroo s.r.o., Sartorisova 11, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovak Republic